What an Amazing Time!

If you’re in this photo, you know what a great time it was! If you weren’t, I hope you try to make it next year.

We had an absolutely amazing time!

From the ride up …

to the meeting times …

to rooming with our girlfriends …

making new friends …

Early morning coffee from the free coffee bar

or from Koinonia Coffee Grounds …

laughing … eating

… the ropes course …

an afternoon nap or time with the Lord …

or both!

the car game …

the skits …

What fun!

Communion …

Family …

6 thoughts on “What an Amazing Time!

  1. If Sunday morning was any indication of the fun you had, I’m jealous that I didn’t get to experience every minute. What fun women you are. Treasure that in each other. I’m glad I’m related….!


    1. Sunday morning was definitely an indication of our fun! Next year you should sign up and come for the whole thing! It’s always an amazing time! It was so much fun to see you walk into the room!



    1. We missed you too Dani … we had the wonderful surprise though of having your Mom walk in on Sunday morning! Come see us!


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