About Us

Mission Statement:

The women’s ministry program (Forever Girlfriends) program of Father’s House exists to affirm, equip, mobilize and release women into the ministry and calling that God has placed upon their lives.

We are a smaller unit of a larger group ofwomen known as Foursquare Women International (FWI). FWI is dedicated to the ministry of affirming, equipping, mobilizing and releasing women. The vision of FWI is accomplished in serving:

1. The local church;

2. The home mission field;

3. The foreign mission field.

The goals of Forever Girlfriends shall be to help each woman develop:

1. Her relationship with God;

2. A unique personality that is whole and godly;

3. Her relationship with her husband, children, grandchildren and friends;

4. Her relationship with others in the workforce if she works outside the home;

5. Her creativity as it relates to her being as individual, a homemaker, and a reflection of the Creator in the arena of life in which she finds herself;

6. In service to our church, community, district and the foreign field;

7. In concern and spiritual warfare for our families, our community and our nation.

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  1. Hello 🙂 I just wanted to “drop a line” and thank you for the card I received for this website when I was at your church last week. I have been so encouraged by the ladies in your church, and have always felt welcomed since my first visit in April, 2012 at your Easter service. Unfortunately, because I live in Modesto, I can only make it out there in person about once a month. I love this website and see it as a continual source of encouragement, wisdom, and strengthening of my faith, as well as sharing of recipes and other things we women like to share.

    Thank you so much for the “invite,” and pray for many blessings over this website. ❤ Terri

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