The act of retiring or withdrawing oneself …

Retreat …

“When all around us seems to be constricting, allow yourself to experience the expansiveness of silence, nature, prayer and solitude.”  Suzanne Buckley

Camp Koinoinia in the Santa Cruz Mountains …

Retreat 2008 (90)

The best gifts are the people in our lives and the moments we share.    Sandra Magsamen

Your girlfriends from Father’s House


And He went up on the mountain and summoned those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him. Mark 3:13

Have you signed up yet to go up on the mountain and be with Jesus and us!

 This is an amazing time that is set aside for us to get away for the weekend and just be with our girlfriends. 

Retreat 2008 (174)

 We laugh, we cry, we talk, we learn, we rest, we …

Retreat 2008 (91)

Retreat 2008 (26)

Well worth the $140!

We’d love to see you there!  October 9, 10, 11, 2009


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

house and ladies retreat 08 038Girlfriends Give Back! Jesus said the world would know we’re Christians by our love So it’s time to wear our hearts on our sleeves, girlfriends, and spread the love of Jesus at our Girlfriends Night Out gathering. Join us at our Forever Girlfriends “Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve” party at Father’s House on August 2nd at 6:00. It’s all about having fun with a purpose…and the purpose of our fun is to share God’s love in our community!

Expect various activities where you can choose different avenues for sharing His love as well as healthy food and, as usual, a lot of laughter. Diane Hallquist will be leading a discussion on how we can reach out to our neighbors and our communities. We will end the evening with prayer for one another. Be sure and bring a toiletry item for the Women’s Shelter and leave it at our Collection Center.

SAS group

SASOur SAS group originated as the Sisters Acting Sassy for ladies ages 30-44 years sophisticated. This group was formed to give us younger girls a group that would hold us over until we became old enough to be a part of the PMS group- which by the time we young’ens are ripe for the PMS-ers, the PMS-ers will have started the GMS club~ Geriatric Matrons Society. But for now the hope was that a group of our own may hold us off for a bit.

As for this group we are a bunch of down right feisty girls who are looking to have a great time, get to know the girls around us and laugh a lot. Some of us are going through times that only God can understand and others of us wish that we could understand for Him. Others are blissfully married with children and wondering how we got there, while some are just wandering.

We gather together as women to strengthen one another, learn from one another and to seek deeper accountability to the Christian walk itself. How can we love our neighbor who is not even a Christian yet, if we can not love one another in our Daddy’s family.

Well for now SAS remains with a face of innocence and peace, while inside each one of us brews with longing for the deepest revelation of God’s love for us: that there will be no more mundane living–but a life full of God extraordinarily using us–His extremely ordinary gals!!!

Kisses and hugs from Jesus through us to you!!!! SAS

Holding Hands by Jeanette Morris

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13 NIV)

My Russian friend Natalia adores her grandchildren. She loves to delight their hearts by creating memorable experiences out of ordinary events, even just walking the familiar route to their house from hers.

On their way through the downtown traffic, they pass a market surrounded by thick, knee-high ropes affixed to concrete pillars, which separate the sidewalk from the hazardous parking lot. Eugenia and Mita cannot resist their granny’s urging to hop up onto the rope and pretend they are circus performers on the high wire.

“Look straight ahead to the next post,” Natalia encourages, “and hold my hand tight. You cannot fall beyond my reach. Don’t be afraid! Granny knows the way.”

Such a bright illustration for our walk of faith in Christ. As we reach out our hands to the Father, he grabs hold and promises to help us cross the treacherous tightropes we so often find ourselves balancing upon. The place of safety is straight ahead—on the Rock of our Salvation—Jesus.

Lord, help me to keep my fragile hands outstretched in faith to your mighty ones.

 –Jeanette Morris 2008

… were YOU at the 4th?

In case you missed out …

… we had a dessert contest

July 4th-68

… a watermelon eating contest ~ for all ages

July 4th cropped

… a variety of games

July 4th-17

… just standing around and uh, well … you know … guy stuff!

July 4th-30

… face painting

Face Painting


… and more!

Hope you join us next year!

A Card Shop you’ll want to see!

Hi there girls … we all need a little extra income these days and I’ve ventured out in a couple of areas.  One is my card shop …  I sell specially made photography cards of local scenery at   There are a couple of other items there as well and there will be more in the future.  I hope you’ll check it out. 

Is there something you make, something you’d like to sell.  You can open up your own shop at and just see what God will do with you and the talents He’s given you!

Creations logo

Playing Your Stereotype Too Loud?

A Challenge to Men in Ministry

By Pastor Tom Gaddis

Copyright 2001 by Tom Gaddis

Nobody will win the war of the sexes—there is too much fraternizing with the enemy!  –Henry KissingerContinue reading “Playing Your Stereotype Too Loud?”

Women Today On-line Magazine


Katie and Chris
Katie and Chris

Women Today Magazine is an online magazine written for Christian women. It covers great food, kids, husbands, sex, you name it. Check it out and consider adding it to your “favorites” list online.


We are the MyPods! The mighty mighty MyPods!!! Our group (18-29 year olds) are called the MyPods. We get together quarterly to have some fun and let loose. Most of us are married with children, but when we get together we leave that all behind and come together as Women Of God. If you aren’t married or have children you will not be forgotten by us. We welcome you with open arms and encourage you to hang out with us.

Our goal is to bring together the younger generation as sisters going through the same struggles and joys in life. We want to build ralationships within our group and within our church family. We want to take from the older women their wisdom and to give back whatever we can. If you are looking for fun people to be with and a place to build relationships come join the MyPods.

a glimpse of the 4th …

For those of you who missed it or those who were there … here are some shots from the July 4th Celebration.

Check back for more!

July 4th-160

July 4th-142

July 4th-154

July 4th-171

July 4th-81


July 4th-122

Fran’s Ice Cream Musings

photo by Elaine Tan
photo by Elaine Tan

When we think of long hot summer days, I wonder how many of us rush to the store to stock up on ice cream.  Some of us have ice cream in our freezer all year round, and others seem to think that the summer months is the only times to buy ice cream.

Either way is fine, but let me challenge you NOT to buy any ice creams this summer. That’s right. DON’T buy any ice cream. Now I have your attention don’t I?

You don’t need to buy ice cream. Instead, plunge in to your own ice cream lab and mix lots of wonderful flavors together as you experiment with different concoctions. You will be AMAZED at what wonderful ideas you can come up with and take it from me (someone who has made her own ice creams for several years); the homemade ones are better for you and taste heavenly.

For those of you with smaller kids (Ok, not necessarily smaller, because even my grown kids love to do this) you can turn your experiment in to a new family activity by all going to farmers market together, and choosing fresh fruit, cream and eggs, et voila!

All you need is a little bit of an adventurous spirit, lots of creativity and a wonderful sense of humor. All qualities that the Lord has, and He asks that we follow His example, so we MUST follow in His footsteps if we are to be good, obedient little daughters!

So, rather than giving you any of my own recipes here, I urge you to just break out your ice cream maker if you have one. (I am amazed at how many people have them, but never use them). If you don’t have one, you can find good ones at a very reasonable price in the store. Or, if you are like me who doesn’t own one, you can borrow one. Or just make ice cream by hand with out an ice cream maker. It really is very easy, and fun too.

Next, go online to look up some new and interesting ice cream recipes which use flavors that you may not have tried yet. There are so many ideas out there that you won’t be disappointed. Get away from plain old vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. How about trying to make your own lemon sorbet, or coconut ice cream with coconut milk?

Most ice creams start with either a custard base which is made with milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Other recipes use fresh fruit and cream…whipped together and frozen. Yes, it is just THAT simple!

The Challenge is now on. I DARE you to break out of your normal ice cream mold (ha ha, funny…!) and live a little…on the edge. In fact, you should all come up with your own unique recipe.

I think we should have an evening of homemade ice cream tasting at one of our Heart to Hearts this summer!  – a little like wine tasting but with a difference – no wine…unless you put it in your ice cream of course – now THAT’S a great idea….mmm…sherry ice cream…I’m going back to my lab!


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