April H2H

The Father’s House Forever Girlfriends welcomes YOU to our April Heart-to-Heart gathering—this time on the second Sunday, April 12 at 6:00 p.m. Our focus will be “outward” as we turn our hearts toward missions with Lori Barrow, who just returned from leading a 10-week YWAM team outreach to Costa Rica. Another part of this funContinue reading “April H2H”

Little House on the Millenial

Bringing the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ days together with the milennial … Come and learn a simple knitting project Or just come and knit! Wednesday, February 25th 9-11 at Mindy’s 6105 Conejo (down the street from church) Bring your own knitting needles – size 6 or 7. We’ll supply the yarn!

Changes …

Hello ladies … we wanted to let you know about a few changes we have made to our Forever Girlfriends. First of all, we want to welcome all of the young ladies aged 15 and up to our Forever Girlfriends events. If you’d like to attend our fall ladies retreat we just require that you haveContinue reading “Changes …”

A Not So Quiet Quiet Time

The Father’s House Forever Girlfriends welcomes YOU to an unusual evening focused on going deeper with God and becoming more like Jesus. Have you ever had a “not-so-quiet Quiet Time? Or is your personal time with God usually silent and, well, a bit sleepy? Would there be some benefit to having a “noisy time” eachContinue reading “A Not So Quiet Quiet Time”

January Heart to Heart

Hey ladies … it’s that time again where we get to all meet together. This month you will … hear our theme for 2015 meeting the team for the new year having some good visiting time with your girlfriends. And as always, enjoy some good things to eat and drink! See you at the church at 6:00 p.m. SundayContinue reading “January Heart to Heart”

November Heart to Heart

The holidays are fast approaching and that can mean busyness, stress, and even loneliness for any woman! The best way to sail through this season with peace and confidence is to go deeper in the Lord. Forever Girlfriends would like to help you do just that. On Sunday, November 2nd at 6:00 p.m., our Heart toContinue reading “November Heart to Heart”

A Tuscan Evening

Relax in the sun … laugh with friends … dine on Italian food, and try your skills at olive oil tasting! Join us for a Tuscan Evening Potluck with your Fathers House girlfriends, and any other friends you want to invite, on Sunday evening, August 3rd, at 6:00 Bring your favorite Italian dish (or tryContinue reading “A Tuscan Evening”