Hot Dish Christmas and a Movie

Ladies, it’s that time of year again where we curl up with girl friends to laugh, chat, dress ridiculously, and watch an old Christmas movie. Our Hot Dish Christmas and a Movie night is Sunday evening, December 2nd. Bring a hot main dish or hot side dish and come dressed for our Hot Dish FashionContinue reading “Hot Dish Christmas and a Movie”

January Heart to Heart

Building Your Spiritual Legacy is our 2012 Forever Girlfriends theme. Join us Sunday evening, January 8th, at 6:00 for a Heart to Heart that introduces our new women’s team and launches us into a new year of growing together in Jesus. Susan will be teaching, the fellowship will be warm, and the Holy Spirit willContinue reading “January Heart to Heart”

Finding Freedom Through Worship

Sometimes people feel stuck in their spiritual life. What was once an adventure now seems to be routine. Worship grows stale. Our June 5th Heart to Heart is all about finding freedom through worship— freedom in our spiritual journey, freedom in our relationships, freedom in life, and freedom with God. Ladies, you are invited toContinue reading “Finding Freedom Through Worship”

Root Therapy

Well Ladies … … it’s time for a little ‘root’ therapy. Our April 3rd Heart to Heart will feature three workshops for you to choose from, each taught by some of our Father’s House awesome women. How to Walk in Forgiveness: Fran and Felisa Feeding Your Roots While Feeding Your Family: Charity and Christina FertilizeContinue reading “Root Therapy”


Being tested, not so rested Overcoming our Fears In the air there’s a feeling of friendship Gaining sisters, we’ve had blisters Going through God’s rope course Fellowship is what’s giving us strength Heart to Heart (echo) Heart to Heart (echo) Fun, fellowship and refreshments Heart to Heart (echo) Heart to Heart (echo) We know ourContinue reading “~SILVER BELLS ~”