A Not So Quiet Quiet Time

The Father’s House Forever Girlfriends welcomes YOU to an unusual evening focused on going deeper with God and becoming more like Jesus. Have you ever had a “not-so-quiet Quiet Time? Or is your personal time with God usually silent and, well, a bit sleepy? Would there be some benefit to having a “noisy time” eachContinue reading “A Not So Quiet Quiet Time”

Harmless and Shrewd People are Dangerous!

Jesus knew we would be dangerous when he called us to be as harmless as doves and as shrewd as the devil. What does that look like, and how can we be both? Ladies, join us on Sunday evening, May 5th, at 6:00 as we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican potluck. SusanContinue reading “Harmless and Shrewd People are Dangerous!”